Report: Charter is going to buy Time Warner Cable for a massive $55 billion

Large companies are deciding to merge together to screw over smaller companies and consumers. One of the biggest mergers was the one between Comcast and Time Warner, and if it had gone through, consumers would be held in a vice-like grip by these two companies and there would be no competition.

Thankfully, Comcast abandoned the deal with mounting legal costs and many restrictions placed over the merger by the regulators.

Now, it seems, Charter is in talks to buy Time Warner Cable in a deal worth $55 billion, coming in at $195 a share according to Bloomberg News. $100 of this is in cash and the rest would come in stock.

Carter wants to enter the US Broadband Market, and this merger would make it the second-largest provider in the United States, with Comcast being at the top.

This merger may be announced in the next few days.

What do you think? Is there hopes of competition in the US Broadband Market?


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