Microsoft’s Cortana is coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft Cortana on Android

Smartphones are some of the most-used devices. We use them for everything, from Web Browsing, to checking our Mail to playing songs and much much more.

But there always seems like something is missing from Smartphones. There is still a piece to complete the puzzle. That missing piece seems to be Virtual Assistant, and while they have existed for a few years, no one has gotten it right.

Apple was the first with Siri, and then came Google’s Google Now, and finally Microsoft with Cortana. In tests, it was found that Siri was the slowest, Cortana was the fastest and ┬áNow was in the middle. Cortana was compatible with the most amount of commands, with Now coming in second and Siri last.

Cortana is the perfect amalgamation of Siri and Google Now, offering Now’s predictive features in tandem with Siri’s witty replies, making for a great experience.

However, Cortana was restricted by its exclusiveness to Windows Phone devices, which haven’t been selling really well. Not happy with letting such a capable Virtual Assistant go to waste, Microsoft first put Cortana in Windows 10 and in Microsoft’s new Browser, Spartan, where it could reach more eyeballs.

And now, Microsoft has made the most important move: Transitioning Cortana onto iOS and Android, where potentially millions would use it, compared to the pithy amount of Windows Phone 8 users.

Microsoft's Cortana Is Coming to Android and iPhone

Yes, Microsoft has announced that Cortana is coming to Android and iOS.

However, Cortana won’t be full fledged on either OS. More features would be added to Cortana over time, and even as features like Hey Cortana ┬áremain unavailable, it would no doubt be continually improved.

It is coming in early June for Android, and later on for iOS.

What do you think? Can Microsoft take on the likes of Siri and Google Now, on their home turf?


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