Google announces Project Jacquard: Making your clothes touchable

We are looking for a new way to interact with devices. First came the Mouse and Keyboard, and then came Touch. While both of these have been extremely effective for controlling our devices, we need more input methods to move technology forward and to make technology simpler and more convenient.

Google has developed Project Jacquard, a move for a new way to interact with devices. Similar to how Touch Input was an evolution of the Mouse and Keyboard, Jacquard is an evolution of Touch. In a nutshell, it is a move to make your clothes touchable.

Using conductive yarns with a metallic core, Jacquard can make clothes sensitive to touch, touch pressure and can perhaps even make clothes sense you before you touch it.

These conductive yarns will be embedded in select parts of clothes in order to make them smarter. And since these metallic cores are extremely minute, and are made similar to the structure of actual yarn, you may experience no difference from the clothes you usually wear.


The demo-videos shows the innovative ways in which such touchable clothes can be used.

Google is looking to partner with clothing manufacturers to produce such touchable clothes.

Its first partner, as announced at I/O 2015, is Levi, which is a very popular clothing manufacturer. Google hopes that a partnership with such a prestigious brand may propel the industry forward to adopt this new clothing technology.

No details have emerged about when such clothing lines will actually be released. However, as a sidenote, we feel this has the potential to become on of the most popular forms of wearable technology, simply due to the virtue of being invisible, leading to it appearing seamless and convenient, as opposed to current wearable devices, which haven’t been able to gain much traction, due to them not having very innovative designs. Since these touchable clothes are essentially invisible, as far as the technology is concerned, no innovative designs are required.

What do you think? Do you envision such clothes getting popular?


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