Blocks reveals more details about its cross-platform Modular Smartwatch

This smartwatch runs Lollipop, but will work with your iPhone

Technology is advancing very rapidly. One day you have cuttng-edge tech, another day it becomes slow and unsupported. That’s how fast technology is moving.

New and better stuff is being announced just about every month, and it is becoming difficult for consumers financially to keep up with these upgrade cycles.

This is why a new methodology is being proposed: That of modular Hardware. Where you can upgrade the parts you want whenever you want. You won’t have to buy the whole thing again. You won’t have to stick to the manufacturer’s configuration. You build your gadgets according to your priorities.

This modular concept first originated in PCs, which as you know are upgradeable. In PCs, you can just upgrade the parts you want without buying a whole new PC altogether, which can be much more expensive.

Fonebloks and Project Ara aimed to bring this modularity to the Smartphone, and are continuing to do so. They are progressing in this field rapidly.

Now it is time for wearables. Blocks, a company with talent from Fonebloks earlier unveiled its modular smartwatch, but then, we didn’t know any details about it.

Blocks has announced a few new details about its modular Smartwatch, with the first being that it runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, which almost all other smartwatches run on. What is unclear, however, is whether the CPU itself is modular or not.

It has inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi, covering it in the connectivity department.

The wearable’s modules are on the wristband, and Blocks is developing modules for better battery life and new features, such as NFC,  heart-rate sensing, etc.

These modules would come in different colors, and can  be added and removed without the need to reboot the Smartwatch.

It is running a customized version of Android Lollipop. It is not to be confused with Android Wear, which is Google’s dedicated wearables platform. This means that Blocks’ wearable is compatible with iOS.

It is really intriguing to see a modular Wearable. Mind you, there is another wearable on the market that is partly modular: The Pebble Time. Apparently, watchstraps can add functionality and battery life.

Blocks said that it would launch a crowdfunding campaign for its wearable soon, presumably in June.

What do you think? Is modular technology the future?


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