Microsoft is bringing SSH support to Windows with Windows 10

Linux is an operating system that isn’t as well-known as Windows and OSX, but it is all around us. Android is built on Linux, many devices around our homes run Linux and servers usually run Linux.

Even then, Linux hasn’t been able to breach the PC, which is still largely controlled by Microsoft and Apple. Linux has developed into a more user-friendly operating system, that still offers users the option to tinker as much as they want.

It has some features that may appeal to system administrators and those using remote-computing. Moreover, it is much safer than Windows, since there are few vulnerabilities that affect Linux currently.

After a long-drawn out war to phase out Linux, Microsoft is deciding to create bridges between Windows and Linux. This means more cross-platform Software, and interoperable standards.

In lieu of this new mission, Microsoft has announced that it is bringing SSH Support to Windows. For the uninitiated, SSH is a powerful command-line tool that is useful to control remote computers.

While rudimentary SSH Support has existed in programs like Putty, which allowed to send commands, software for receiving commands was pretty basic. By integrating SSH into the Operating System, the implementation is much more advanced and can do more things.

Microsoft’s implementation of SSH is through Powershell, the script command tool that already exists in Windows. It is based on OpenSSH, the industry standard for secure shell connections.

By putting SSH into Windows, Microsoft hopes to supplement or replace Linux Machines in Server Farms and in remote-computing setups.

Now all we  have to do is to wait for Windows 10, which is releasing on July 29th. It is not guaranteed that it would come in the first build, though. Subsequent updates may include it.

What do you think? Can Microsoft win by creating bridges with its competitors?


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