Google updates Chrome with intelligent Flash Control that greatly improves Battery Life

For long, laptops haven’t been able to match the hours-long battery life of our mobile devices. However, in recent years, with optimizations to the processor, improvements to the OS and some other development in the field, some have reached or even surpassed that goal.

If you still suffer from horrible battery life, it may not be due to malfunctioning batteries or anything else, but it can dfinitely be a rogue app. A rogue app basically draws upon your system resources even when not needed, thus placing an unecessary draw on your battery life.

Right now, Chrome seems to be that application, with it occupying large chunks of your memory even as it continually draws upon your system’s resources.

Now, Google is deploying a new Chrome for Beta update, that greatly improves the situation. It has an intelligent Battery Saver system that can intelligently pause irrelevant flash content on the page, such as ads, self-playing video ads, etc.

Flash is one of the biggest culprits for poor performance and battery life. It is also terribly insecure, which is why this move, which eliminates most flash-content, can help improve performance and battery life.

You can currently turn off the feature, but we hope it becomes permanent.

This feature should transition from the Beta to the Stable version soon.

What do you think? Is Flash about to die?


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