Apple begins recall of the Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker over fire risk: More than what you paid for

Some Beats Pill XL speakers have been catching on fire.

Whenever there is progress, there are always side-effects. In the case of technology, it seems to be compromises in the Safety department, because as we progress faster, safety standards aren’t really being adhered to. 

We are seeing more recalls now than ever. Now it seems Apple has joined the party, since it is recalling the Beats Pill XL speaker over concerns over battery overheating, which may lead it to catch fire.

Apple says that this occurs very rarely, but despite this it is recalling the product for the safety of consumers.

It was launched two years ago, before Apple purchased Beats.

Those wanting refunds can go to Apple’s website, and you get the full price of the phone back, along with an extra $25. (Total $325).

What do you think? Can we expect better safety as we progress?


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