Report: Blackberry is looking towards Android for its next Device

The Blackberry sign is pictured in Waterloo June 19, 2014.  REUTERS/Mark Blinch

It is interesting to see how fast technology progresses, and this fast pace of innovation means that old hands fall fast. Nothing is a bigger testament to this than Blackberry, which once commanded a lion’s share of the Smartphone market. In fact, in those days, it was just about the only Smartphone.

The iPhone came, Blackberry did nothing and the rest is history. The iPhone topped the ranks, while Blackberry tanked. It now commands less than 1% market share of all Smartphones, and most of this userbase is waiting for their contracts to end to jump over to another platform. The situation is very dire.

This is why Blackberry maybe building an Android Device, with a QWERTY Keyboard, according to Reuters. We don’t see much of that nowadays, do we?

it will be a slider, with a large touchscreen and a keyboard that slides out from below. Such phones were very popular in 2011, now, they are nowhere to be seen.

It will primarily be marketed as the Android Blackberry counterpart, with access to certain exclusive Blackberry features, including security ones.

It will also be a proof of concept for the multiplatform capabilities of BES 12, which is Blackberry’s advanced device management system.

While it may seem like the right decision, we don’t really think so. Why? There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, Android apps already run on Blackberry OS, and granted some of them may not run perfectly, but they do the job. ¬†Secondly, Blackberry still has a successful Business selling services to enterprises, and they generally frown upon Android for security purposes. Releasing a phone that may not gain traction, replacing a phone that already has most of those features, at the risk of alienating a considerable corporate userbase just doesn’t seem smart to us.

But maybe Blackberry knows something we don’t, and it could turn out great for Blackberry after all.

What do you think? Did Blackberry make the right decision?


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