Microsoft killed Nokia’s Smartwatch

Nokia produced some of the best phones, with excellent durable designs and excellent battery life. You could drop a Nokia phone and not worry about it, and its battery would last for days.

And Nokia has  been getting really good at Cameras, setting the benchmark for all subsequent smartphones. Nokia is no doubt adept at the art of making Smartphones, but lacks in the art of marketing them.

This finesse and pinache would be great in a wearable, but unfortunately, Microsoft killed it. As posted by a Microsoft Designer on Tumblr, and spotted before it was deleted by Evan Blass, Nokia had a Smartwatch with an Apple Watch esque-Design and a Metro-esque UI.

It looked great and had some nifty features, like using your Smartwatch as a capture button. Other features are pretty much the same as other Smartwatches, like notifications, messaging and Email integration and more.

Microsoft killed it because it thought it would be detrimental to its own wearable, the Microsoft Band. The Band wasn’t well received, so we think Microsoft should have released both wearables and moved forward with the one that was successful. Basic A/B Testing.

The Band was a fitness device, Nokia’s Smartwatch, called Moonraker, is more of a notifications device. If only Microsoft had kept this alive.

What do you think? Will the Band 2 take some cues from the Moonraker?


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