The next Apple Watch will have a Camera on the front

The Apple Watch 2 won't need an iPhone to work, claims source

The Apple Watch is easily the most successful Smartwatche out there if analysts are to be believed. It has sold in the millions, while competitors struggled to get even 790,000 units in the hands of consumers.

Like all Apple Devices, the second-generation of this device would be much more refined, and would introduce some useful features. One feature we don’t find useful is the inclusion of a front-Camera, which would be included as per 9to5Mac.

In fact, the next Apple Watch will supposedly depend less on your phone for some routine tasks, and will get closer to realizing the true purpose of a Smartwatch.

The battery department would remain unchanged, with Apple focusing on eeking out as much battery life as possible, even with the new hardware.

It will probably be announced in Septermber, and would be launching in 2016.

What do you think? Is a Camera on a Smartwatch really necessary?

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