Apple stops production of the original iPad Mini, removing the red herring in its product lineup

Apple used to have a very simple product lineup. Earlier, there was only one product in  a product line, and all you had to decide was the color and the storage capacity.

Now, you have various models spanning generations with different storage and color options, and it has gotten really confusing in exchange for choice.

Now, Apple is putting the iPad Mini to rest, the original one, that is. It used to cost $249 to get this old tablet, which had year-old innards even when it launched.

Although the tablet has been removed, you can still get a refurbished one (Though we don’t know why you would do that). The removal of the iPad Mini has bigger consequences than you expect, however. As it was the only non-retina iOS device still available, developers had to make sure that their apps ran fine on it.

Now, since all devices in Apple’s lineup are faster and have a retina display, developers  can let their apps run unfettered. We may start seeing more capable apps in lieu of this change, which frees developers of the responsibility of catering to four-year old hardware.

What do you think? Is it time for Apple to streamline its lineup?


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