Motorola is doing it all wrong: The next Moto G leaks with unimpressive specs

moto g 3rd gen 2015

As the upper segments of the Smartphone market get saturated, companies are looking for new areas of growth, and developing markets seem like just the right target. These developing markets take well to cheap but capable phones, and a revolution is in the making, with cheaper phones proliferating the market, offer more value for money than ever.

Earlier, cheap phones meant shoddy touch screens and very, very slow performance. Now, it is hard to settle for anything less than peachy HD on even a cheap Smartphone, and the performance is enough to handle Web Browsing, Movie Watching and perhaps even some light gaming.

Motorola moved this trend a huge step forward with the launch of the Moto G and the Moto E, which punched well above their price tags.

However, Motorola is being left behind by upstarts like Xiaomi, which are offering much better phones at cheaper prices. Motorola has largely maintained the specs across both generations of the Moto G, and as per the latest specs, it seems the next Moto G too will have more or less the same specs, with a quad-core Snapdragon 410, 1GB RAM and a 13MP back Camera and a 5MP secondary one, compared to the Snapdragon 401, 1GB RAM and 8MP Camera of the current Moto G.

The screen would remain the same 5 inch HD one, and it would run Android 5.1.

If these specs are true, then Motorola is in serious trouble. In the budget segment, Full-HD Screens and much, much faster processors are appearing, and Motorola just can’t compete with these specs.

What do you think? Is Motorola on a downward spiral?


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