You can now buy Amazon’s always-listening AI box without an Invite

We are making huge strides in the field of Virtual Assistants, with capable ones like Siri and Google Now present right in our Smartphones. We can just ask a query casually, and it will get answered right away.

Amazon, however, thought that this was a bit limiting, and thought that the capabilities of a Virtual Assistant can only be realized with the help of an always-listening box, and Amazon did unveil it last year, calling it Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth Speaker with its own voice Recognition System. Its trigger word is Alexa, and over the past few months, it has been steadily improving, with new features coming in every now and then.

Now, Amazon has announced that the Echo is available without an Invite, as opposed to before.These orders will start shipping from July 14th. You would have to fork over $180, however, which is higher than the price you had to pay before.

What do you think? Are you comfortable with having a connected always-listening device in your home?


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