Meizu launches a new MX4 running Ubuntu

The  most ambitious Linux Distro in recent years is probably Ubuntu. Firstly, it gathered a large userbase, but that was only a small achievement.

Then, it was able to sign up a few hardware partners. A Linux Distro being preinstalled on PCs? That was unheard of. Yet, Ubuntu found success here too.

Now, it is looking to expand into newer avenues, and as part of that push it announced Ubuntu for Mobile a few months ago, and since then, three phones have been launched.

Now, Meizu has announced a new variant of its MX4 Smartphone that will run Ubuntu OS, which is largely based around gestures and  better web applications. Its apps are essentially websites, but with the convenience of an app.

The MX4 has a 5.4 inch Full-HD screen, and is powered by a octacore Mediatek MT6595 Processor, paired with 2GB of RAM. The rear camera is notable, at 20.7MP and the front camera is 2MP.

It is available right now in China, but don’t expect it to release in more markets.

What do you think? Can Ubuntu compete with the competition at a time when the mobile market itself is saturated?

What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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