Wireless Charging is about to get as fast as Wired Charging

Wireless charging will soon be as fast as using a cable

The dream of no wires hasn’t yet been fully realized. Although we do have WiFi in our homes, many still prefer wired connections due to lower latencies and better speeds. Coming to charging, wireless charging hasn’t ever been truly wireless, but it was more convenient than wired charging methods, but it is a lot slower too.

It was a question between convenience and speed. But not anymore, with the Wireless Power Consortium announcing the next update to the Qi Wireless standard, pushing up the maximum output to 15 watts, compared to the previous 5 watts.

This massively decreases charging times, and wireless charging seems a lot more viable. It is backward compatible, meaning that you only need a new charger, not an entirely new device to take advantage of the new standard. We, for one, are waiting for true wireless charging, which is still a few years off. It isn’t impossible, as it has already been done, but it being deployed for much more power-hungry devices like smartphones  is still a long way off.

What do you think? Are you excited for the future of wireless charging?


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