Apple has started production of its iPhone with Force Touch

Force Touch is Reportedly Coming to iPhone

In the field of technology, you have to keep innovating, or you die. That’s the mantra that Silicon Valley lives by, and it has rung true for many former giants that are now merely a blip on the way to true innovation.

Most companies are stuck with the improve bit by bit, generation by generation methodology, and Apple too seems to be influenced by it. Since the iPhone and the iPad, no truly industry leading product line has been announced. Sure, there’s the Apple Watch, which looks to be the most successful wearable, but its success is riding on Apple’s clout.

Last year, Apple completely changed the iPhone line’s design, and this year, instead of an incremental improvement like usual, Apple would introduce several  major features to the iPhone 6s.

One of the most talked about is Force Touch, which is a technology that has been found in the Apple Watch and the Macbook, and now it seems to be coming to the iPhone, according to Bloomberg.

Force touch is just that: A screen that knows how much pressure you are applying. it is different from a long touch,, and with the support of app developers, i can be used in interesting ways.

Apple has already spoken with its manufacturing partners, and anticipating demand, they would start production in July, months before the iPhone 6s actually launches.

What do you think? Could Force Touch catch on?


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