The iPod maybe getting a much needed refresh according to the latest iTunes Update

Apple has a habit of continuing to sell its product lines without updating them for years at a time, and that’s what has been happening with the Apple TV, and the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch 5th generation was already much weaker than the then-current iPhone 5, and now, with two iterations of the iPhone gone by, the Touch seems like a relic from the past. It sports a 2012-era chip, and still sells in 2015, making it the red herring in Apple’s product line.

Now, belgium-iphone has found signs of an iPod-line refresh in the latest iTunes’ resource file. Apparently, the entire line would be updated with new colors, including pink, gold and dark blue.

It is not confirmed whether Apple would be upgrading the internals, but it would probably upgrade the processor and increase the storage, since it can’t keep on selling a three-year old device.

We would have to wait till September for the official announcement.

What do you think? Will the iPod line be getting a significant refresh?

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