FCC filing reveals new unknown Google device: Is Glass back?


One of the most promising failures in the tech industry is certainly Google Glass. Ask anyone about it, and no one will disagree that it is pretty cool. Wear it out in public, and you elicit paranoid glances, and there have even been incidents of Glass being yanked and thrown.

But Google Glass isn’t dead. It was simply transitioned under a new leader: Tony Fadell. Now, it seems Glass is on its way to a comeback, with a new FCC Filing named ‘GG1’ going through. GG1 is probably an acronym for Google Glass, and the filing reveals some specs about the device, such as  2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz WiFi ac, Bluetooth LE, non-removable batteries and more.

It has a microUSB port, and comes with a charger cable and adapter.  Of course, these changes merely seem like an evolution rather than a complete revamp, but the FCC Filing was scarce anyways, and Google may surprise us when it finally gets around to announcing the next Glass.

What do you think? Can Google Glass make a comeback?


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