Blackberry’s Android Phone leaks in pictures



Blackberry truly is in dire straits, and serves as a lesson for corporations. An ultimatum that if you don’t innovate, you are left behind, and newer players will rise.

For long, the solution to Blackberry’s woes has been to make an Android Phone. People will be attracted to the Blackberry brand and will associate it with security.

Evleaks, a prolific leaker, has given away some details about the phone, which is codenamed ‘Venice’. In the picture, it looks like a premium device, and while the front is all touchscreen, a keyboard slides out from underneath the phone, giving you the best of both worlds. This isn’t a new concept, mind you, as this was a popular design among smartphones in 2012.

Coming back to Venice, it would be exclusive to AT&T, and would have access to Google Play, unlike previous rumors, which suggested that Blackberry would be making its own Android App Store

As per rumored specs, it has a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, a QHD Screen, 3GB RAM and more. It looks pretty capable.

What do you think? Can Blackberry jump ship and expect users to flock back to it?



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