Microsoft’s Cortana App leaks before Official Launch

cortana android-2

Microsoft’s Cortana is one of the few gems of Windows Phone, and by the end of this month, it would be available on iOS and Android. Of course, it won’t be there in all its glory, due to platform limitations and to maintain some exclusivity for the Windows Phone platform.

However, even as Microsoft gears up for one of its most important Operating System launches in years, Cortana for Android has leaked out early and is available for download.

It is probably the version that will release to consumers at the end of this month or a version that is very close to the final one. It has most of Cortana’s features, including its Notebook feature that keeps a record of every byte of data that passes through Cortana.

Some, like ‘Hey Cortana’ are still not available, though they may be made available in future versions.

Cortana is part of Microsoft’s bigger plan. It is already being integrated onto the Desktop with Windows 10 and the Edge Web Browser, now it is going multiplatform and Microsoft has even approached developers to write apps leveraging Cortana’s APIs.

What do you think? Will Microsoft achieve its dream of Cortana becoming an omnipresent Virtual Assistant?


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