Marshall announces the London: Using Design to sell a sub-par phone

The Marsall London features a dedicated Wolfson WM8281 soundcard, allowing for high resolution, FLAC audio playback

Marshall is probably the last brand you would expect to release a phone, yet  here we are, in the aftermath of Marshall’s announcement of the London, its first smartphone.

Marshall has really executed the design well, with the phone having the stylings of the amplfiers that Marshall is known for. The audio embellishments are great too, with two speakers on the front, a button for direct access to your music and a scroll-wheel for controlling the volume.

It has a Wolfson Audio chip that supposedly provides better audio-processing than the audio chips on other smartphones in the market.

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of two headphone jacks, which we reckon cannot be found on any other smartphone on the market right now.

Naturally, It runs a skinned version of Android Lollipop and has a few preloaded audio-related apps. It would come packaged with Marshall Mode in-ear headphones.

When you look at the guts, however, the cards start falling down. It has a lowly Snapdragon 410 Processor with 2GB of RAM, a 4.7 inch 720p display, 16GB of storage (Expandable) and a 8MP camera. These are the specs of a budget phone, and looking at today’s smartphones, even the cheaper ones have better specs than the London.

It would sell for 4995 Swedish Krona (Around $600), which makes it extremely expensive for what you get. Although, the smartphone is mainly made to appeal to Marshall fans, and also for those who want a smartphone with the necessary audio chops. But then, it would make sense to go for a better phone with an external DAC, which would be the cheaper package overall, and would probably be better than the London anyways.

What do you think? Will this Marshall fanbase-targeting smartphone succeed?


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