Report: Google is making an Enterprise Edition of Glass

Introduction to Google Glass - YouTube 2015-07-21 09-35-58

The first Google Glass was a pretty good product when you look at it. Everything was functional, and the battery life was reasonable if not good, but the reason that it flunked was due to the consumers. Well, it never really failed because it never really got released, but the negative reaction from consumers was enough to make Google reconsider its product line decisions.

This led to Glass being put under Tony Fadell in hopes that he would turn the project around. It seems that Tony is thinking of focusing on enterprises rather than consumers, since the issues raised against the first Glass affect consumers rather than businesses.

Glass in the workplace is a concept that is thought to be extremely lucrative. However, some tweaks are in order to make Glass more suitable, chief among them being a sturdier design to withstand wear and tear, and a longer battery life. The viewing prism would be bigger, meaning a bigger area for viewing and interacting. In addition to this, it would be foldable, and the whole-piece would be resistant to the elements.

We may see Google announce this enterprise-focused variant of Glass soon. Now that Glass is going the enterprise way, it doesn’t  have to worry about looking stylish or hampering privacy, since both are concerns that are inconsequential in the workplace.

What do you think? Can Glass ever succeed in the consumer market?


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