Sony is testing its clean Software Concept for its Xperia Devices

Sony Xperia Z3

Take two Android Phones, and turn them on. They probably look completely different, runs different versions of Android and have different skins on them. To the outsider, it doesn’t look like  both phones run the same OS. Behold, the effects of Android Fragmentation.

In a bid to look different, manufacturers have been loading their phones up with unnecessary apps and UI customizations that look different for the sake of it. These unnecessary customizations and apps take a toll on the memory and performance takes a hit.

There’s no recluse, but for Xperia-owners, it seems like there’s a way out. Sony is looking for people from Sweden to test its clean Software Concept, where there is no Sony skin, only core Google Apps, a few Sony Apps and that’s  it. It is a lot lighter than the customizations Sony usually does on its phones (Which is still lower compared to Samsung).

The trial would start on July 29th, and would end on September 13. Sony is looking for everyone’s feedback in order to improve its hardware and software.

What do you think? Do you like the more stock Android-focused approach?


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