The 3rd generation Moto G may be waterproof

Moto G (3rd gen) leaked image. Source: Mobile Syrup

Motorola sent out invites for an event on July 28, and it is expected to announce the next iterations of the Moto G, the Moto X and the Moto 360.

With the event just a few days away, leaks are becoming more frequent, and we know a lot more about the Moto G (3rd generation.

Now, MobileSyrup has leaked more details about it, and we now know that it would have a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor with 1GB of RAM, 13MP back Camera and a 5MP one on the front. The display would be a 5 inch 720p one. Everything would be powered by a 2470mAh battery, and the phone itself would be IPX7 certified, meaning that it is water-proof.

Its resistance to the elements is pretty much the only thing that sets the Moto G apart, with the competition having the more power Snapdragon 615 chipset as a minimum, and a 720p display doesn’t cut it when even budget devices come with 1080p displays.

What do you think? Will Motorola manage to replicate the success of the second generation Moto G?


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