You can now play Half Life on your Smartwatch

Play Half-Life on your wrist

They say that they haven’t found a killer use for a smartwatch. Something so interesting or useful, something powerful enough to actually sell smartwatches.

What if we told you that you can now run Half Life on your smartwatch. Yes, we are talking about the classic you know and love. You would probably scoff, but with Android Wear, it is possible.

Android Wear is essentially Android on the inside, with some optimizations and design overlays on the outside. Leveraging its Android origins, a developer named Dave Bennett has been able to run Half-Life using SDLash3D, an emulator for Valve Games.

It doesn’t run perfectly, of course, with the fluctuating frame rates, and then there’s the problem of controlling an imersive game using a small touchscreen.

But hey, it is Half Life on a smartwatch. What do you think? Is gaming on a smartwatch really viable?


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