Qualcomm brings wireless charging to metal phones

Qualcomm's wireless charging has a brilliant trick up its sleeve

The technology industry is a truly curious industry, and is actually alive. Alive as in its is ready to adapt, and even when hurdles come in its way, it works around it.

A testament to this is the industry adapting around batteries. We can’t pack them any denser and new battery technologies won’t release for another few ¬†years. So what did the industry do? It adapted. Instead of focusing on the batteries, which seemed like a dead-end, the industry made charging itself inherently easier with features like Quick Charge that can charged your phone to 50% within a few minutes.

Then there is wireless charging, giving utmost convenience. If your phone is running out of juice, you just place it on the pad and bam, it is charging.

The problem lies with metal. Phones with metal aren’t able to use wireless charging, but Qualcomm has found a way with its Rezence charger that uses higher-frequencies to charge devices. Due to this, this charger will support phones with metal backs.

What do you think? Will we ever achieve true wireless charging?


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