Canon’s latest camera can see clearly in the dark

Dark areas are the bane of modern cameras, with most cameras not being able to capture clearly in dark environments, and even if they do manage to focus and capture a picture, it is usually all grainy due to their sensor being a cheap one which cannot handle these environments without noise creeping in. And forget video-recording, since it results in even more shoddy results.

Finally completing the prototype that it showed in 2013, Canon has announced the ME20F-SH, a camera that can see and record full-HD video in the dark.

How does it do it? Well, it is a full-frame sensor (Meaning that it is extremely large) with a 2.26MP resolution, making each pixel absurdly bigger ( 19 microns) , resulting in more light being taken in, making night photography easier. The absurdly big pixels result in an equally high 4,000,000 ISO rating, and to give you some perspective, the average smartphone has 1600 ISO and a micron-size hovering around 2.

Canon's New Camera Sees More In the Dark Than You Ever Thought Possible

Other than that, it has the usual HDMI, RS-422 and Audio ports, but once again, its main hightlight is the sensor, which can actually capture stars in what appears to be a plain night, -sky, as Canon showed in 2013.

Before you reach for your wallet to buy this beauty, take a look at the price: $30,000. Canon says it is not for casual use and is for professionals and and any other jobs that require such a camera.

What do you think? When will we see these cameras dropping in price to price-bands that are in reach for consumers.



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