Microsoft’s first Hololens kit would reach developers by next year

Microsoft HoloLens- The future of computing

Microsoft used to be old, slow and relied on only one cash cow: Windows. It used to be arrogant, and didn’t try to innovate. It dared to challenge the pace of the technology industry itself, and sat on its monopoly, thinking that no competitor could beat it at its own game.

Microsoft was right, no new OS took over the market. But it lost too, because the PC market itself is shrinking. Mobile operating systems, cloud solutions and more are where the real money is. Sure, Windows isn’t going away anywhere anytime soon. But it would become less valuable to Microsoft.

That’s why towards the end of the tyrannical Steve Ballmer’s reign, Microsoft realized that things needed to change, and just as the leadership transitioned into mobile and cloud-driven agile Microsoft run by Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s future didn’t seem so grim.

In fact, it took everyone by surprise when it unveiled the Hololens, which is a testament to the fact that Microsoft has changed, and that it is aware of what’s coming.

The HoloLens is simply the most exciting thing from Microsoft in years. And while it may not be in the hands of consumers just yet, its first iteration would reach developers by the next year. The next step wouldn’t be consumers and would actually be enterprises, because the HoloLens is still not complete and enterprises would be more tolerant to the HoloLens’ limitations than consumers would. The final phase would be consumers, and Microsoft claims that it already has a plan in place for the HoloLens that would span over the next five years.

What do you think? Will HoloLens make Microsoft new and hip again?

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