Sony brings the Playstation Now service to the PS Vita and the PS TV

While Sony’s mobile business is spiraling down into more and more losses, its gaming division is doing particularly well, with its PS4 outselling the competition two to one. 

Sony is hoping to use this influence to make users sign on its subscription services, particularly Playstation Now which allows consumers to play PS3  Games on any device through cloud-streaming.

The service is available as a subscription for $19.99 per month, and is available on the PS3, the PS4 and a few TVs. Now, Sony has announced that the service is coming to the Vita and the PS TV, along with the news that a few more games are being added to PS Now.

However, you must have very high internet speeds along with low pings, else you would have a less than optimal and in some cases even an unplayable experience.

What do you think? Is Cloud Streaming for you?



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