Graava: A camcorder that can edit videos on the go

Gra001 graava pill 06 r8a.0

Photo Editing on the go is extremely popular, and everywhere you turn, you find a Photo Editing app. These apps have proliferated every marketplace, and you would find one for just about every need.

On the other hand, for video-editing, you don’t really have any good options for editing on the go. But Graava, a new crowdfunding project is hoping to change that with a new camcorder.

Coming to the specs, it is pretty straightforward with a 1080p at 30 fps recording support and has a wide-field of view. It has no display, a microSD card slot, a HDMI port and wireless charging support. Everything is powered by a 1100 mAh battery which is supposd to last for three hours. But where it excels is the software: You can edit videos on the go,

The editing takes place on the companion app, which would be available on both Android and iOS.

It can also detect the most important parts of a view and stitch them all together, making it a more concise video. If you pay up for their subscription service, you get the ability to stitch together footage from two different angles for one great video.

It currently costs $249, but the retail price would be over $300, so if you are interested, it is best to grab one of these now. It is expected to ship in February.

What do you think? Is this the next crowdfunding hit?


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