Samsung teases its next round Smartwatch: The Gear S2

Gear S2

Wearables are part of a different industry. You can’t just pop in the latest innards and call it a day. Wearables are something you wear, and here the design places an important role.

A good wearable should go unnoticed and should blend right in. It should be there only when you need it. Unfortunately, most wearables on the market today are the stark opposite of this ideal, with many looking more like a computer on your wrist rather than a fashionable band.

This is probably because smartwatches have taken to square screens, which stands out among the round form factor of most watches.

Now, more and more manufacturers are adopting a round form-factor, and after many rumors, Samsung itself confirmed it through a slide at the end of its event where it announced the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5.

Samsung Gear S2

It seems the Smartwatch in question would run Tizen and would have a rotating bezel. The UI looks pretty interesting, and the color scheme looks similar to that of an Apple Watch.

Samsung would disclose further details at IFA, which would commence in  a few days.

What do you think? Is a round form-factor the key to pushing wearables into the mainstream?


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