The next Moto 360 would come in two sizes

Android Wear Update- GPS Support and Offline Onboard Music Playback

Android Wear launched last year, and while it has seen more than its fair share of devices, the products in its line really haven’t gained much traction. In all, it is estimated that only 700,000 models have been sold and that is through around half a dozen products across various manufacturers.

The Moto 360 lead the charge last year, and we are awaiting its successor. A few days ago, Motorola posted a teaser of the Moto 360’s successor, and it showed a new mechanism for attaching bands. Also, the dead-tire design is still here.

Now , Motorola’s filing for certification with a Brazliian Telecom has come into the picture, and it shows two different models. The only difference seems to be the size, as those with smaller hands would appreciate a smaller model. The smaller model also seems to have a significantly smaller battery (270mAh vs 375mAh).

The next Moto 360 is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Can Motorola still hold its position at the top? Will Android Wear gain traction?


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