The Note 5 would go berserk if you enter the stylus backward

Bugs are a part of every software system. You can’t have software without bugs. And now, these  bugs are creeping into hardware, and over the years, we are seeing bugs like Bend Gate affecting consumer products.

Now, Samsung’s Note 5 too apparently suffers from a hardware bug. The new stylus is uniform throughout and is entered into the Note 5’s through a spring mechanism. However, if you enter it backwards, the spring gets jammed and while you can wriggle out the stylus, S-Pen features would no longer work, at least temporarily.

While it may not look like a huge issue, just imagine the thousands who would inadvertently enter the stylus backwards, and bam, they would have damaged something they paid hundreds of dollars for. It is not as uncommon as you think, and with the front resembling the back for the most part, the chances of it happening are extremely high.

What do you think? Stylus gate? Pen gate? Reverse gate?


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