Sony makes an absurd TV Remote that has a Wireless Speaker in it

When you look at multibillion dollar companies, they are not willing to experiment. They stick to their guns and refuse to innovate till they are forced to do so. This is because they don’t want to do anything risky that may taint their brand.

Sony is the exception. Although over the past few years it has mostly remained the same, in the past few months, it is finding its creative side.

Only its ‘creative-side’ can explain its latest creation: A remote that is a Bluetooth Speaker. Its absurdness is matched in scale by the oddness of its name SRS-LSR100. Sony really needs to learn how to name its products.

Plug in the dongle into your TV, and the SRS-LSR100 (quite a handful) would connect to it. Basically, it is for letting you listen to the audio even if you are away from the TV. Scratch that, we think you would buy it just for its weirdness.

It has 16 hours of battery life, and is currently releasing only in Japan (Why does Japan get all the good stuff?).

What do you think? Can Sony get any more weirder?


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