Report: The next Apple TV would be focused on motion-controlled gaming

An Apple TV. It is the white whale of the technology industry. Although every other day we hear rumors about Apple building  a TV, but these never materialize.

Now, with Apple’s event next week, another set of rumors have rolled in

. First off, the new Apple TV would have a lot of sensors (We don’t know which ones in specific.

Most sensors would be embedded in the remote, with one sensor being particularly interesting: Motion sensors. The remote would be able to know how you are moving it across a 3-dimensional space. It would actually be similar to the original Wii’s remote.

The motion sensor shows that Apple may be targeting gamers for the next Apple TV, and for this, it wold pack in a dual-core A8 SoC. The remote may be used as a basic control, with an external controller accessory being optional.

With the popularity of gaming, consoles and microconsoles, Apple may be interested in entering the market.

What do you think? How will Apple differentiate itself?




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