Report: Amazon is making a $50 tablet

Amazon may release a super cheap 6-inch tablet before the end of the year

Amazon has a hardware division. You may know of it from its line of Kindle eReaders,  but it also makes other devices like the Echo, the Fire TV stick, etc.

One thing that always holds true for successful Amazon hardware is value for money. Amazon makes cheap products that offer the best bang for your buck, and while it has tried to step into more premium tiers, it has been unsuccessful.

The holiday season is also approaching, and this period sees millions coming to buy products and Amazon raking lots of money.

Put two and two together, and mix in information from the WSJ, and it is pretty clear that Amazon is making a $50 tablet with an aim to release it before the holidays.

It would be a six-inch tablet, with the other specs not known yet. We may see it lacking several key features for it to hit that low price point.

What do you think? Up for a dirt-cheap tablet?


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