Apple announces the new Apple TV

At today’s event, Apple finally announced the much rumored successor to the Apple TV, which is also called the Apple TV.

It has an all new compact remote-control with a dedicated microphone button for controlling using Siri. Siri has become more powerful, and is intended to be one of the main ways for controlling the Apple TV. There are some nifty commands like “What did she say” to rewind 15 seconds.

The remote has a clickable touchpad that can be used for gestures and generally makes navigation easier.

The Apple TV also has this nifty feature where you can simply use the remote in a horizontal orientation as a joystick. It even has sensors so a big yes to motion control. The remote has a Lightning connector for charging and lasts around 3 months on a charge, according to Apple.

Undearneath is a powerful Apple A8 Chipset along with 802.11 ac wifi and Bluetooth 4.0.

The operating system itself has been revamped and is called tvOS, with some apps being rebuilt for the new platform. There is increased gaming support, with a small selection of games being available at launch. Apple has also included an App Store, and hopes that it would do the same for TV as it did for smartphones. There is support for Universal Apps, i.e apps that work fine across the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV.

Pricing will start from $149 and will go to upto $199. What do you think?


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