Cyanogen would deeply integrate with Cortana in future versions of Cyanogen OS

Cortana on Android

Google is often labelled as the owner of the Android operating system. Contrary to what some may believe, Android is actually an open-source operating system (Despite efforts by Google) and the fact is that there are several forks and modifications not owned by Google.

One of the most popular Android forks is Cyanogen OS, which is maintained by Cyanogen. Cyanogen also maintains Cyanogenmod, which is a community driven Android fork that is essentially a less stable and more frequently updated version of Cyanogen OS.

Cyanogen wants its fork to gain market share. Microsoft wants its services to gain marketshare. This is an incredible opportunity for a partnership, and both have been collaborating on various projects over the past few months.

Now, it has been revealed that Cyanogen is working with Microsoft to integrate Cortana into the deepper echelons of Android. It will essentially be the Siri to Google’s Android. This version of Cortana is expected to have better control of the OS and is said to be more capable than Google Now and Siri.

Earlier. it was revealed that Microsoft apps and services would be preinstalled on Cyanogen OS. Microsoft is using Cyanogen as a foothold into the Android ecosystem and as a way to increase the marketshare of its services.

What do you think? Can Cyanogen continue its relentless expansion?


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