Amazon’s next flagship Android Tablet would look like it is running Android

Amazon 10-inch Kindle Fire

Usually, when you talk of companies customizing Android, you hear about skinning and bloatware. Customizations on top of Android. You never heard about anyone actually messing around with Android’s innards, and for the past few years, Amazon has done just that with FireOS.

FireOS runs on Amazon’s Fire line of Tablets (And till recently, phones), and while it is based on Android, it looks nothing like it with an all new UI, navigation system and even its own separate App Store. At first look, you would be hard-pressed to say that it is Android.

Now, Amazon seems to be moving away from over the top customizations, and would be launching a flagship 10 inch Tablet soon running FireOS based on Android Lollipop. The key difference would be that it would look and feel like stock Android for the most part.

In fact, photos of this tablet have been leaked by Evan  Blass. The UI looks much cleaner, and is closer to stock Android than FireOS has ever been. The only thing differentiating it from stock Android is perhaps the Amazon App Store, which replaces the Play Store in FireOS.

Nevertheless, with Amazon shuttering its disastrous Fire Phone, which saw one of the biggest mark-downs in recent history (from $500 to $200 within weeks) and some employees from its hardware division being fired, it may be a while before Amazon announces its new flagship.

What do you think? Can Amazon succeed without the Play Store?


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