Blackberry’s Android Phone leaked in a video


The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The phrase holds true for Blackberry, which went from being the most influential company in the phone industry to a company that is losing its already minute marketshare every year.

Business was its turf, but Android and iOS are fast making a move to capture the attention of enterprises, and Blackberry is surrounded on all sides.

Now, according to rumors, Blackberry is making a last-ditch effort to make an Android Phone named Venice. In fact, a video of Venice in operation has leaked, and it does look pretty great, with non-skinned Android, a great ergonomic and scrollable keyboard and more.

If Blackberry stuffs it with the latest internals, it may very well be Blackberry’s ticket back into the mainstream. Look at it this w ay: There are no notable Android phones with hardware keyboards. Sliders died out in 2011. If Blackberry is able to provide a hardware keyboard, while keeping a full-size touchscreen and the form-factor, what more could we need?

What do you think? Is Blackberry back in the game?


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