Report: A Chromecast for Speakers is on the way

Online video-streaming has really grown in popularity, and the concept of cord-cutting is gaining more acceptance. With the advent of content providers like Netflix and Hulu, and the emergence of hardware support from Roku and Apple have helped expand the field of Online Streaming.

Google hoped to capitalize on this rising popularity, and wanted to enter the market with little investment, since its earlier efforts weren’t successful. Lo and behold, the Chromecast was born. A small pendrive-sized device that could stream just about anything and costs only $35? Google had a winner on its hands.

Now, on an event on September 29, according to 9to5Google, Google would not only be announcing an upgraded Chromecast, but also a Chromecast for Audio. It would connect to any speaker and would do for audio what it did for video: Simple and effortless streaming.

Your speakers would suddenly become a lot more useful, and if you have speakers in multiple rooms, the new Chromecast would support multi-room streaming. The only requirement would be that each speaker should be connected to a Chromecast.

It certainly sounds very interesting, although there are similar products on the market.

What do you think? You up for a cheap audio upgrade?



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