Microsoft’s Band 2 leaks, and it looks a lot better

Microsoft Band 2.0

Last year, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Band, which was poised to be one of the most advanced fitness trackers. It had a wide variety of sensors, and in theory, could collect data more comprehensive than that of any other fitness-tracker.

Microsoft’s execution was flawed, however, and the Band was not very accurate. It also was an eyesore, which combined with a lack of marketing meant that the Band wasn’t really meant to fly off the shelves. It was a public beta of sorts, and now Microsoft has learnt from an year of feedbacks,and is ready to launch the next iteration in the Band line in October, according to MicrosoftInsider.

It has a much better design, that also looks a lot more comfortable. Indeed, it even has physical buttons and a metallic finish. The clincher is obviously the curved body, which makes for an overall premium device.

The internals are rumored to be revamped too, with much more accurate sensors that would actually deliver on the promise of the Band line.

What do you think? Can the Band 2 shake industry giants like Jawbone and Fitbit?


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