Blackberry finalls confirms the Priv: Its first Android Smartphone

A few days ago, it was rumored that Blackberry is making a last-ditch effort by making an Android smartphone that did run Android, but was also dependent on Blackberry’s highly secure services.

It was codenamed the Venice, but later rumors said that it would be called the Priv. The phone itself is supposed to be a high-end slider with the usual touchscreen display paired with the  hardware keyboards that Blackberry is known for.

Now, in a meeting with investors, its CEO, John Chen has confirmed the existence of the Priv. While other Blackberry phones do run Android apps to an extent, this phone is unique in that it actually runs Android, which is different from other Blackberry phones which ran Android Apps in a simulated environment inside a proprietary OS.

We may see the Priv being announced before the holidays.

What do you think? Can the Priv make a dent in the Android market?


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