Apple does it again: iPhone 6s sets new record over Sales Weekend

iphone 6s

It is often said that Apple attracts an audience that is loyal and wealthy, and year after year, this very audience upgrades to Apple’s latest offerings faithfully.

Indeed, it is almost every year that Apple sets a new sales record with its iPhones, and this year is no difference, with 13 million phones sold over the weekend. This primarily due to the phone launching in China in the first-wave itself, unlike last year. China has several wealthy customers lining up for the new iPhones, and this has really helped Apple improve its sales numbers.

This is despite an overall slowdown in the Smartphone Industry itself, at least in developed countries where the market is saturated. Another factor working against Apple’s favor is that the iPhone 6s is an incremental update and a major update would come next year in the form of the iPhone 7, and that hasn’t stopped people from grabbing the new iPhones.

What do you think? Can Apple depend on the iPhones are a stable revenue flow for the next few years?


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