Play Doom on the go: Facebook developers port Doom to the Apple Watch

Doom Apple Watch

Hackathons are basically events where you put a group of coders in a room and ask them to come up with something new and creative within a couple of hours. Naturally, this pressuring environment yields some great results, and a testament to this is what Facebook achieved at a hackathon at its branch in Tel Aviv.

The coolest creation was Doom on the Apple Watch. Lior Tubi, along with his colleague got a simple low-power version of Doom running on the Apple Watch. The Doom in question is nDoom, which was also ported to run on a graphing calculator, so the Apple Watch is certainly a step up in terms of power.

It does not run perfectly smoothly, but it still is a really impressive achievement.

Unfortunately, the developers won’t be releasing the game or the source code.

The very existence of Doom on the Apple Watch is because of WatchOS 2, which allow developers to create native apps that utilize the full power of the Apple Watch.

What do you think? Is wearable-gaming even plausible?


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