Adobe brings the Photoshop features you actually use to a free App

Photoshop Fix Is One of the Best Free Apps For Fixing Selfies

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful photo-manipulation tool that is used by creative professionals across the world. Unfortunately, it is also used by millions of casual users, who only use it for ‘touching up’ their photos by making minor edits. This is a gross underuse of what is the most powerful photo-manipulation tool on the market.

This is why Adobe is bringing some of Photoshop’s most used features to a free app available on iOS. It is called Photoshop Fix, and in addition to the usual gamut of editing tools, it also has some quick-fix features such as Blemish-Removal, Facial Alteration, etc.

photoshop fix

Photoshop  Fix has something that even the Desktop App doesn’t: It can change facial features. The App can recognize facial features, and users can modify them using sliders. For example, you can make a person in a photo smile just by messing around with these sliders.

You can also change settings like contrast, hue, saturation, etc, and Photoshop Fix’ intelligent algorithms can remove blemishes, irregularities, etc in an image with just a few taps.

The App itself is free, and some of its features would be making over to the Desktop App soon. Adobe is currently working on an Android port. It is Adobe’s entry into the increasingly convoluted mobile photo-editing market, currently dominated by the likes of VSCO Cam and Pixlr Express.

What do you think? Fancy another photo-editing app?



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