Windows Phone stands its ground: Microsoft announces first flagship device in years

Right now, when you say the word ‘smartphone;, iOS and Android are the first things that come to your mind. Microsoft’s Windows Phone isn’t even in the picture. After an initial flurry of hardware launches, most of Windows Phone hardware now is made by Microsoft.

But Microsoft has been neglecting Windows Phone to focus on other platforms, and today, it finally revived Windows Phone with  the launch of a new flagship, which is something the platform hasn’t seen in years.

The phone in question is the Lumia 950, and its larger-sized sibling, the 950XL. The 950 has a 5.7 inch QHD (2560×1400) Display,and the Xl has a 5.5 Inch Display.

Both phones have a USB Type C port, , with the internals being a hexacore Snapdragon 808 processor (810 Processor in the XL variant)  along with 3GB RAM and  upto 32GB storage. The Camera has always been a focus of Lumia devices, and this is no exception, with a 20MP Pureview Camera and a 5MP front camera that supports Windows Hello, a secure method for unlocking your PC.

The phone would come with Windows 10, and Microsoft promises Universal Apps that would run across all form-factors, from phones to tablets to PCs.

This phone is compatible with Continuum, meaning that you could plug it into a monitor, and connect USB input devices via a Continuum hub, and within seconds  you would have a functional PC. This is a pretty impressive achievement, and means that wherever you go, you would have a functional PC with you.

The phone also comes with a’tablet class liquid cooling’, and we would have to wait to find out what that means.

The phones would start from $549 for the base tier. What do you think? Do Microsoft’s  flagship smartphones make a convincing case for Windows 10 on Phones?



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