The HoloLens takes its first steps: Developer Kit available for $3000

Microsoft HoloLens- The future of computing

One of the most exciting products in recent years is the HoloLens, which was a product that was completely unexpected of Microsoft when it unveiled it earlier this year.

It brought Holograms to your living room, and the best part was that it was completely untethered, meaning that you won’t ever get into a mess of cables while moving around, unlike the Oculus Rift and other VR Headsets. Also, unlike VR, it actually integrates the environment the player is in into the application, and is perhaps more social.

At yesterday’s event, which is poised to be Microsoft’s best keynote in years (And perhaps the best keynote of this year), Microsoft announced that the HoloLens Development Kit would be available for developers for $3000.

It would be the same HoloLens we saw in January, with minor improvements here and there. It would start shipping early next year, and once developers build an ecosystem that fully utilizes the HoloLens, and once Microsoft perfects the hardware, it would be available to consumers for a much lower price.

What do you think? Although we are comparing apples and oranges here, would you prefer Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

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