Making the Mobile Internet faster: Google announces AMP

More and more people are using smartphones every day, and while this growth is all round positive, there is one drawback: Apps are being used more. While Apps aren’t wrong per se, they still steal traffic from websites, and are more closed islands than a united cluster that the Internet currently is.

As more and more people use Apps for consumption due to faster speeds, companies like Google are taking notice, since a large chunk of their revenue comes from online advertising.

Google has announced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project), a new initiative for making mobile webpages load faster. It is basically a web framework that publishers can integrate into their websites, to make them load faster and make the overall performance better.

Despite the lean nature of this framework, it still supports media like pictures and video, and advertisements are also supported. It is ticking all the right boxes, and Google would roll it out to services like Google News soon. Outside parties (nearly 30) like WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, etc have expressed interest in the new framework, according to Google.

What do you think? Would you continue using apps or will you start using mobiile browsing more if it is faster?


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