Apple updates the 21 inch iMac with a 4K Display

The smaller iMac gets a 4K display, all the 27-inch models have 5K

Smartphones have stepped up to quad-HD displays that don’t even make sense, while over in the world of PCs, even full-HD is not the base standard.

You would more often than not find a HD display rather than a 1080p one when it comes to Laptops, and even when it comes to monitors, we haven’t moved much beyond 1080p.

It is ironic that smartphones have resolution that they don’t even need, while PCs need resolutions that aren’t popular yet. Thankfully, at the upper end of the spectrum, higher resolution displays are more common.

This is why Apple has updated the 21 inch iMac with a 4K Display and upgraded internals (fifth generation Intel processors) . The iMac accessories, i.e the mouse, the keyboard and the trackpad have also been updated. They are now thinner, while maintaining the same feature-set. The Magic Trackpad in particular gets Force Touch, which is a feature found on the Apple Watch and the new Macbook. They also now charge using the Lightning connector.

Pricing starts from $1499, and these are available now.

What do you think? Why has higher resolutions in PCs not been implemented properly?


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